my angel

i can't bear the thought
of a world you're not a part of
i can't bear the thought of air
your lungs hasn't breathed
or a sky without a moon
you've walked along beneath
you changed me without even trying
gave life when i'd resigned to dying
when I wanted to join
my dreams in their grave
you came along and saved
me from myself
you know just what to say
to brighten every day
your picture and a deep breath
can vanquish any stress
you are my religion my penance
my absolution
what i wouldn't give
to take the pain from you
even if it killed me
as i'd be better still
than when you found me
a better man because you loved me
without judgement
my flaws and failures,
my sadness didn't scare you
hope is such a foreign feeling
my heart left reeling
with every moment spent together
i want to grow old
just to spend it all with you