a wish upon a flower

a quake
and wave
endless winter
invisibly falling
soil maimed
the monk 
temple grown
20 million suns
parch the earth
of suffering
in hope
to wish upon
a sunflower

Inspired by the short film "Invisible Snow"  http://buddhismnow.com/2011/08/20/invisible-snow/


the dreamers

come with me
to the harbor of arbors
away from the eyes
and the lies
those who prosthelytize
us to be unbelievers
battered heads
in empty beds
to dream again as one

those eyes

those eyes
they hypnotize
as they gaze across
the glass to mine
soul inspecting
ne'er rejecting
to see me raw
and not withdraw
erotically charged
into mine did barge
left me wanting
all the more
and nothing more
to want


my angel

i can't bear the thought
of a world you're not a part of
i can't bear the thought of air
your lungs hasn't breathed
or a sky without a moon
you've walked along beneath
you changed me without even trying
gave life when i'd resigned to dying
when I wanted to join
my dreams in their grave
you came along and saved
me from myself
you know just what to say
to brighten every day
your picture and a deep breath
can vanquish any stress
you are my religion my penance
my absolution
what i wouldn't give
to take the pain from you
even if it killed me
as i'd be better still
than when you found me
a better man because you loved me
without judgement
my flaws and failures,
my sadness didn't scare you
hope is such a foreign feeling
my heart left reeling
with every moment spent together
i want to grow old
just to spend it all with you



just a glance and the spiral begins,
the cimmerian night luring me in.
away from love, away from you,
from all my hopes pretended to.
stygian waves crash against my shore,
charnel surf my mind erodes, beckons me once more.
the malady it surges, observe it when it comes;
darkness rising from within, like a nearing drum.
the angel flirts, my devil within,
can't stand to be inside my skin.

image: http://poisonedshadow.files.wordpress.com/2010/06/depression.jpg


every night
my body wakes
in search of you,
glimmer of hope
so desperate sought;
before sun
kisses morning,
while moon hangs,
waiting, yearning; 
sleeping eyes,
i reach for you
across the empty bed.
soothed by you,
ever present.