in a storm
i lost you
gaze neglected
as i spun around
for shore to swim
or harbor rest
to save myself
looking back
all around
no grasping hand
no bubble to signal
breath beneath
daylight dawns
the beach
within reach
a myth, eyes
playing tricks
come back dear muse
come back

Shine On

I'd like to thank the Michael David Saunders Hall, for nominating me for the "Shine On" award.  Michael is one of the many talented poets I've met thanks to Poets of G+ and a few other poetry communities I'm involved in. While I certainly appreciate the nomination in itself, what I really like is the ripple effect of discovering new poets.

Requirements for accepting the nomination are as follows:

1. Display the award logo on your blog. - check

2. Link back to the person who nominated you. - check

3. State 7 things about yourself - hmm, ok sit tight.

4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and link to them...

5. Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award requirements.

7 things about me:
  • i despise filling out "about me" sections
  • i need to travel more
  • i have a degree in film and video production
  • i work in "IT"
  • i'm a volunteer ambassador for ShelterBox
  • favorite author: Jack Kerouac
  • favorite musician: John Coltrane

The following are among my favorite current poets, both for the amazing work they produce as well as the friendship they've shown me in support of my own writing endeavors. I hope you enjoy their company as much as I do.

My 15 Nominees:


sounds heard on a summer sunday night

the crackling pop
of lumber burning
the crunch
of a graham cracker
in a little mouth
the crisp snap
cervesa in a can
the sizzle of the drizzle
that wouldn't stay away
the thud of car doors
and airplanes in descent
tires on wet pavement
neighbors dog disturbed
my black dogs now sleeping
beer and cigarettes
and the company of others
left them sleeping
in the soul kitchen
another can snaps
another ember pops
an offering
to the music gods
yielded ivory
then hard bop trumpet
and god made the rain stop
because you were all alone
drum solo
awakens the soul
saxophone lullaby
embers slowly churning
water drips
beneath the pit
steam gallantly rising
and the court of six
sits empty



night slowly
drawing shade
skin savoring
each gracing breeze
the trees rustle
cryptic conversations
among themselves
asking about
the soul who wanders
and where is the other
close your eyes
you'll hear the ocean
too much car commotion
looks off to what
he thinks is west
that would be
the place to rest
the breeze gone
a stillness settles
stars fixed
clouds drifting
not yet lifting


each night

each time i lay down
i find myself
in thoughts of you
is it because
you're the only one
to know that ache
of alone
or is it the way
i know you'd scoff
to know that day by day
it's still the same
each night i lay
each dream another lie
each morning
a cold goodbye



poured into the void
to see the world
from a caterpillar perspective
in half world dreams
like shaman guests
to keep at bay
the black dogs barking
the blanket in the night
when all around is cold
aching for silence
where do they go