i'm afraid
     i'm losing
          my humanity
too often said
     i'm sorry
          for your loss
too frequent
     the empathy
          for innocents

wish to comfort
     hope to save
          but words
fall hollow

as we march unto
     our waiting graves
          tears run dry
no more
     questioning why

is the numbness
     my protection
          is the echo
god's rejection

why is despair
          where did i lose
the hope to bear

somewhere in the
     white space
          between life and death

i fear
     i lost


the reason

shut the doors
turn off the lights
another night
another season
divining for reason
melancholic routine
of wash rinse repeat
each night
a moment stolen
from the sun-kissed
children's hour
that breathes
between sunsets
and the moon rise
a solemn pause
to gape the one sky
that covers you and i
could your sight
be upon the same light
would you wonder
you and i
the words unspoken
soul echoes broken
just a figment
of joy's imagination
the melancholic routine
wash rinse repeat


the movie

surreal to sit in the theatre
waiting for the film to start
afraid of the mirror that might reflect me
wanting to scream "turn the lights down"
not wanting to be seen
but wanting to see you
every song that played
crashing into me like a sledgehammer
surrounded by strangers i've known
who never knew me like you did
double checking every face to enter
had I missed you comIng in
or did fate intervene
worlds colliding heart subsiding
what was it that I'd become
the fool, the liar, the scoundrel?
and then I heard your voice
and for a moment all was right
for a moment
there was sunshine in the night

~ dwmetz 01.13.2012



bonum nocte (audio)

When the words of a poem, be it your own or another's, keep coming back to you - you know it's hit a nerve.

bonum nocte
i miss you most
whenever we’re together
we’ve come so far
to get so far apart
missing the last chance
to sleep beside each other
and to think the kindest night
was the night we called it over