spirituality lost

remember not
under sun
everything done
to your kingdom
now violent
a threat this creation
fall from temptation
now my image
in your conversation
you lost one
you lost some one
your talk cold
the price of your soul
tryin' to grab hold
what you control
silver and gold
every man's exempt
down on repent
can't talk of judgment
your movement's a serpent
consequence is innocent
to the full extent
intent for punishment
you don't wanna hear
paths you must choose
you lost one
you lost some one
someone lost you
did you gain from
what you done,
just understand man
universal law
karma can't hold
back that long
until you do right,
all will go wrong
can still be reborn
from the night
arise sweet dawn
some listen
and some shun
think they've reached
see what you've become
lost one