night terror

what is it about the fresh night air
that wakes my mind
not alert to nature or god
but unlocks a door to hell itself
the dreams unending
circumlocutious spirals
down in degradation
I cannot escape
wanted to save too many
but not concerned enough
for the one who should matter most
acquaintances oddly assembled
each one a minute of hope
then gone in the dark.
you made it home from the animals
and didn't care I hadn't
but only for what I lost along the way.
trapped again by my pursuers
after evil retributions to their brothers
is this heaven?
this is going to blow your mind. come inside.
i'm scared to go but the choice isn't mine
then screams upstairs and again I ran.
lost in urban darkness
who was the tall man?
was it him or the voice that spoke
those echoed words
"I wanted you to care".
when one of the strangers you ran with
was shot in the street.
half paused but continued to run
I wanted you to care
A friend found with his son,
held up in a darkened house
armed and ready.
they shot of his toes
but you cauterized them how?
and why still would you not call 911.
was the police not our ally another symbol.
finally the forebearance to wake myself
to shake the dream from my eyes
and open to the real
dark of night around me.
crickets and cicadas
missing from the urban terror that trapped
id's stolen - nowhere safe.
I wanted you to care.
the night young I want to sleep.
may this one please bear peace.