a day nearest to perfection
to many i'd rather not remember
coffee followed by some errands
daughter tagging along to post and bank
back home again for "manly" chores
lawn cut shirtless, the sun warm
with a breeze to kiss me
she drew masterpieces while
i patched a hole in the wall
from an over-anxious doorknob
little chef and daddy chef
made a marinade for tomorrows steak
a shower for me, a bubble bath for her
a large pot of mac and cheese to fill her up
then outside for a backyard fire
as all day she begged for a campout
birch wood burning downing beers
a montage from the music gods
as she caught her first lightning bug
and chased dozens more into the dark
when I carried her to bed
she smelled of baby bath and burnt wood
all to end with some peaceful time
a glass of wine while reading a hero's bio
tonight i will sleep content