east wind


lone rumble and the rain begins
to be outdoors and drink it in
pelting leaves and cars and fields long dry
all drenched beneath the river sky

wash a thousand sins from my mind
then headed west to leave behind
her demons and the reasons why
what could, that should, but would not try

the rain is but a pattering
tap tap neglected gutter tins
want thunderous booms and skies alight
the wind of eurus pushing flight

gazing back he dreads to see
the muse behind the scattered sea
can not bear, wanting all but to scream
three words to seal a summers dream

courage not he whispers still
in hopes that she might follow
swiftly move and seize the night
the east wind brings tomorrow



pulled back from dreams of woodland wonder
the split face becomes nasty with sunlight
each street light and telephone ring
more grotesquely deformed, his snarl louder

pondering the misogyny sutra he casts it out
entitlement makes peace a prisoner
the wanting bhikkhu seeking blessing
on the other side of sisyfus' mountain

crossed since constellations named
wants back to the earth and eternal muse




true love is admitting that your own existence is flawed without the presence of another




something about driving
in a cool night windows down
headlights streetlights washing
purging freedom each mile marked
night air rushing open windows
and sounds drown out
the last heavy thoughts
i hope i never get there


red mill


come to the red mill
and sit beside
smell the wind
through the leaves
as the water prattles
and steel wheel creeks
come to the red mill
when you say goodbye
leaving west inquest
of spirit passed
come to the red mill
when you say goodnight
and over high red walls
the long sun rises
and ghosts give chase
in taboo gardens
come to the red mill
when you remember